World Biofuel Day – Bourne’s Energy Announces Roll Out of B99 to Central & Northern Vermont Service Areas

August 10, 2022, Celebrating World Biofuel Day and the 75th Anniversary of Bourne’s Energy, we are pleased to announce that Bourne’s Energy can now deliver our B99 biofuel to any household or business in our Central and Northern Vermont services areas. Bourne’s Energy was the first Vermont fuel provider to offer biofuel thirteen years ago and it quickly became the standard fuel delivered to all oil customers.

Bourne’s Energy has also offered B99 fuel in select areas for several years. B99 is the highest blend of biofuel available on the market. It’s made of 99+% biofuel with just a splash of conventional petroleum fuel. B99 is an eco-friendly replacement for many conventional petroleum products like on-road and off-road diesel, and of course, heating oil. Customers who choose to replace their conventional oil with B99 are choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of their existing oil heating system or diesel-powered equipment to nearly zero without any additional investment or major change to their equipment. It’s a win-win for the customer and the environment.

As Bourne’s Energy has evolved through the years, we have increasingly focused our efforts on conservation, sustainability, and the health and safety of the great state of Vermont. From offering environmentally friendlier fuels to selling the most energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment on the market, Bourne’s Energy is fueling the future in Vermont, one household and business at a time.

All you need to do to immediately reduce your carbon footprint is pick up the phone and call 800-326-8763 and make the switch to B99 biofuel from Bourne’s Energy. You can also complete our online residential or commercial application.

Photo of the Bourne's Energy Biofuel Plant with a sign on the side that says Bioheat Biodiesel Reducing your carbon footprint

B99 from Bourne’s Energy is now available for delivery in the following Vermont counties: Washington, Caledonia, Essex, Newport, Lamoille, Franklin, Chittenden, and Grand Isle.