Why Have an Old Furnace or Boiler Contest

When it comes to saving energy and saving money, your heating system counts for a lot. While that ancient rusted boiler down in your basement might seem like an old comforting friend who kept you warm during all those cold New England winters, Bourne’s suggests that you consider replacing it with a newer and more efficient model.

Eco-friendly energy has come a long way since that old clunker was first put in your home, and installing a new boiler could cut your energy consumption by a whole forty-percent! This means that you won’t only be acting green, but you’ll be saving a whole bunch of green – Mother Nature and your bank account will surely appreciate the gesture.

Buying a new boiler or furnace is an investment, but it’s one that will pay off significantly. Bourne’s Energy understands that it can be a pricey venture, which is why they are giving you the chance to earn $5,000 dollars towards a new heating system! Bourne’s is having an Oldest/Ugliest Boiler contest in celebration of its 65th anniversary, and it wants to herald in another year of eco-friendly energy by helping you heat your home as efficiently as possible.

All you need is an old inefficient boiler or furnace and a camera. Snap a picture and send it to Bourne’s Energy via email, or download a contest application online and send it to Oldest/Ugliest Boiler or Furnace, P.O Box 549, Morrisville, VT 05661 with a photo. The only stipulation is that your heating system must be fueled by oil, propane or wood pellets and be within our service area.

While your old boiler might have sentimental value due to its years of loyal service, you’ll be comforted in knowing that it didn’t go unappreciated and in the end, it likely helped to contribute to a greener, healthier Vermont. Help your boiler go out with a bang while you save on the bottom line.

Bourne’s is looking to spread the message of energy conservation to anyone and everyone, so even if you aren’t one of our customers, you can still play. See official contest rules for details and don’t forget to spread the word to everyone you know. May the ugliest boiler or furnace win!  Enter contest now