Weatherproofing your doors and windows in time for Vermont winter

The cool breezes of autumn may have just started blowing, but before you know it, winter will be knocking on your front door. While this seasonal shift can make for cold temperatures in many parts of the country, Vermont winters are known for being particularly long and frigid. Because of this, you might want to keep the following tips in mind for weatherproofing your home’s doors and windows.

Doorway threshold
According to, your home’s doorways can be one of the biggest contributors to letting cold air in and warm air out when winter rolls around. To greatly reduce the amount of warmth lost from your home’s biofuel or wood pellet heating, consider installing a sweep – a secure barrier for blocking drafts – at the bottom of the doorway where it meets the threshold.

Window film
Though it can be a little complicated to work with effectively, plastic film can be a great way to insulate your home, notes Yahoo! Voices. These large pieces of film fit right over interior windows, then shrink into place by heating them with a hairdryer.

Noticed a few leaks in the frames around your house’s windows and doorways? Well, Mother Nature Network recommends using caulk to fill in these gaps, which is an affordable and eco-friendly solution when you buy nontoxic brands.