Vermonters are turning to Sustainable Wood Pellet Heating

Many people have already begun to think winter and heating season as the summer comes to an end. Heating bills can skyrocket during harsh Vermont winters, and it can be devastating to those who are already strapped for cash. However, one form of energy is becoming more popular as residents look for a way to cut their expenses: wood pellets. Right now you can get thousands off a new high-efficiency wood pellet boiler to be used as a primary central heating system from Efficiency Vermont in 3 easy steps:

  • Confirm that equipment and installer are eligible.
  • Purchase and install new eligible equipment.
  • Sign and submit completed rebate form and contractor invoice.

There are also other ways to save and finance. In addition to these cash incentives, Vermonters can finance their purchase of a high efficiency wood boiler through the Heat Save or PACE programs. You can Learn more about savings, eligability and how to apply from efficiency Vermont.

NEK Residents Get Major Savings

If you live in Essex, Orleans, or Caledonia County, you are in serious luck. Save 1/2 on a Wood Pellet Conversion Package: Stove, Bin, and 2 tons of free pellets all for a little over $2,000. This amazing deal has a small catch -there are only 25 packages available and the offer ends December 31st, 2017!


Wood pellet boilers are fully automatic, meaning no hassle during the winter months when it’s least convenient to make a trip down to the basement. Over time, these boilers can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their monthly expenses while keeping their living spaces warm throughout the year. In contrast to standard heating systems, wood pellet boilers rely on renewable energy and can help individuals reduce their carbon footprints while they stay warm.

With a storage container, homeowners can easily keep a supply of wood pellets nearby to fuel their boilers through the long winter months. This form of heating is also more efficient and requires less maintenance, which is ideal for elderly individuals who may need assistance around the house.

Quality pellets are best purchased in the Summer to ensure you get the best choice of pellets. Poor quality pellets lend a hand to many problems including continuous stove maintenance and technical issues. Bourne’s carries quality Vermont Softwood Pellets in bag or bulk.