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At Bourne’s Energy, we’re committed to providing you with sustainable and efficient vehicle fueling solutions in Central and Northern Vermont. We offer three diesel fuel pump stations with biodiesel blending capabilities that allow you to choose your own biodiesel blend percentage. One of our stations also offers propane autogas, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance. Whether you’re driving a personal vehicle, managing a fleet, or simply looking for an eco-friendly fuel choice, our stations have got you covered.

Pump Station Locations & Fuels Available to the Public

1475 Laporte Road
Morrisville VT 05661

Fuel up with On-Road Diesel,   
or Biodiesel

43 Raymond Street
Lyndonville, VT 05851

Fuel up with On-Road Diesel,
Off Road Diesel, or Biodiesel

77 Log Yard Drive
Hardwick VT 05843

Fuel up with On-Road Diesel

Why choose biodiesel and propane for your vehicles in Vermont?

Here are just a few reasons...

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel source and propane is a clean-burning alternative to gasoline. By using these fuels, you can significantly reduce harmful emissions.

Biodiesel and propane offer excellent engine performance and combustion efficiency. Biodiesel has a higher cetane rating, which means the engine is easier to start and the ignition delay is reduced. Propane burns more cleanly and efficiently than gasoline, resulting in higher octane ratings and increased engine longevity.

Our Biodiesel is sourced locally from renewable resources and blended at our own biofuel blending plant, reducing dependence on imported petroleum. Propane is widely available, with a vast domestic supply. By using these fuels, you support local economies and promote energy independence.

Our fuel pump stations cater to a diverse range of vehicles and equipment. From passenger cars and trucks to buses, boats, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment, biodiesel and propane can fuel various vehicles and help you meet your specific needs.
Our fuel pump stations prioritize safety and ease of use. We adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring that all fuel pumps are well-maintained and user-friendly. Just set up an account with Bourne’s Energy and fill up whenever you need to.

When you choose our biodiesel and propane autogas fuel pump stations, you choose a greener future and contribute to a cleaner environment. Join us in making a positive impact on Vermont while enjoying the benefits of high-performance, sustainable fueling options.

Visit our fuel pump stations today and experience the power of biodiesel and propane autogas. Together, we can drive towards a cleaner, brighter Vermont.

All you need to fuel up at one of our pump stations is a fuel account with Bourne’s Energy.

Please call us at 1-800-326-8763 for information on setting up an account or apply online for yourself or a business.


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