Open a Bourne’s diesel / biodiesel pump charge account – 24/7 access

There are 4 locations to Bourne’s on-road and off-road diesel pumps, Hardwick, Morrisville, Lyndonville and Montpelier being the only public pump that does not require an application for a charge account. To gain access to diesel or biodiesel, simply fill out an application online for personal or commercial use or you can download then mail or drop off.

Locations of pumps:

  1. Morrisville – Located at 1475 Laporte Road, Morrisville. To open an account you can apply online, stop by 72 Lower Main Street, Morrisville or call 802-888-2611.
  2. Hardwick – Located at 77 Log Yard Drive,  Hardwick, VT 05843. The pump is not visible from the road, you must drive through car dealership parking lot and the diesel station is just a short distance behind. To open an account please apply online, call 802-888-2611 or stop by 72 Lower Main Street, Morrisville. You may also call 802-626-9859 or visit 230 Main Street, Lyndonville.
  3. Lyndonville – Located at 43 Raymond Street, Lyndonville, VT 05851. To open an account please apply online, call 802-626-9859 or visit the Bourne’s Office to get access for use of this on-site fueling station.
  4. Montpelier – Located at 366 East Montpelier Road at Kurrle Fuels beside the Bourne’s office. Pay cash or credit and pump as you would regularly fill up your car or truck. for more information call 802-223-0902 or stop in the office.

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