Oil Customers Can Save $1,300 In Home Heating Fuel Costs By Switching to B99 From Bourne’s Energy

Save $1,300 on your home heating oil bill by switching to B99 from Bourne’s Energy. Income-eligible oil users can apply to be part of a B99 pilot program offered through the Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC) in 2023. The goal of this program is to help customers make the switch from conventional oil to carbon-reducing B99. B99 is a direct replacement for conventional oil with no hidden or added costs. B99 is priced the same as conventional oil and rarely requires any changes to your equipment.

Oil users who are interested in applying for the program can find the details and the application on this page.  Just complete the short application and email it to info@bournes.net. If you’re approved for the program Bourne’s Energy will come do a site visit at your home to check your equipment and make your first delivery. You’ll then receive a discount equal to 1/3 of the current market price for B99 for each delivery until you reach $1000 in savings.

Bourne’s Energy is the only fuel provider in the state of Vermont offering B99 bioheat which means we’re the only fuel provider approved by RERC to deliver fuel as part of this incentive program. Bourne’s Energy has been providing biofuel and B99 in the state of Vermont for over a decade as we do our part to manage carbon emissions and lower the impact of conventional oil. There are no downsides to switching to B99. It’s the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference in Vermont.