Why tax only fuel in Vermont? Some of us are doing the right thing already.

We are definitely not crazy about the plan to put a price on carbon pollution by taxing the vital fuel Vermonters use.  Yes, we’ve heard all the talk ”Fossil fuel dependence drains money out of VT and keeps us from doing our part to address global warming” and we’ve heard “A pollution tax will save Vermonters money by helping them switch to clean energy and efficiency, create jobs, and keep Vermonters’ dollars local.”  Believe us, we take this seriously and we have been working on these issues along with clean, local energy for years and have succeeded.

Bourne’s is not part of the problem, we are actually on your side with reducing our carbon footprint and want Vermonters to know they can help Vermont by using a responsible heating fuel company that delivers cleaner fuels and keeps it local.

Heating fuel companies seemed to be lumped into one category; polluters. Not all heating fuel companies are equal and Bourne’s Energy is actually quite different by doing the right thing now for years. Bourne’s early awareness of problems with fossil fuels, carbon pollution and the dollars they have robbed from our local economy drove a decision to clean things up and supply the cleanest fuel possible to help reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint while heating your home or business. Bourne’s has been flawlessly delivering Bioheat and local Wood Pellets going on 7 years now.

Back in 2009 Bourne’s obtained a grant to build a plant located in Morrisville Vermont that supports the local economy while creating a cleaner fuel for home heating, transportation and equipment.  Why a blending plant and how does this help you ask? Biodiesel reduces your carbon footprint, your dependency on fossil fuels and is economically smart. Local restaurants are paid $1 per gallon to have their used cooking oil collected and brought to a plant that recycles this oil into useable fuel that is blended with Ultra low sulfur diesel at our plant creating a Biodiesel. This blending method creates molecularly stable, high quality customized blends of fuel.  Biodiesel is also the main ingredient in Bioheat, an eco-friendly fuel oil to replace the more volatile #2 heating oil most companies deliver.

If you are looking for a heating fuel company that has found a way to clean up diesel and home heating oil while supporting the local economy and reducing your carbon footprint, you’ve found us. Bourne’s has been a Vermont staple since 1947 and continues to be the local one-stop-shop for heating and cooling needs because we pay attention and do everything possible to have friendlier, cleaner, local supporting fuels. We do not understand why a tax on vital fuels is concentrated just in Vermont, why is it not on a national level? Just asking.

You can do the right thing by using a supplier who reduces your footprint just by getting your heating fuel delivery, become a customer of Bourne’s today.