Above ground oil tank requirements have been updated for safety reasons

Vermont’s Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) rules regulate the design and installation of heating oil tanks. They also provide spill prevention and inspection requirements for both tank owners and fuel suppliers.

The regulations have been updated and on above ground oil tanks and may cost some folks. Unfortunately, these new regulations are necessary to ensure safe oil storage and prevent dangerous, not to mention, expensive spills that will require clean-up and impact our environment negatively. The law makers are asking for oil tanks to be up to code by July 1, 2017.

Bourne’s customers are inspected every three years, so if you were inspected two years ago, on your next inspection in one year, the tank will need to be brought up to code. There are some guide lines that will help you know if your tank is installed properly and more information on what is inspected and why inspections are so important. There are also some oil tank replacement resources to help pay for the upgrade that you may find helpful.