Temperature Control saves 12% of estimated energy usage

Temperature Control Solutions

Help your family stay warm, keep your bank account full, and be notified of potential damage with a smart thermostat you can access from anywhere, at anytime.







  • Room Specific Temperature Control – Control the temperature of any room in your home or create a balanced temperature throughout your home by using a Temperature Sensor.
  • Remote Access and Control – Adjust the temperature at home from anywhere, at any time using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Damage Prevention and Alerts – Receive a text or email alert to know instantly if the temperature at home drops unexpectedly to unusually cold temperatures that can cause costly damage.
  • Simple Schedules – Easily set schedules online that turn the temperature down while you’re not home or even while you’re sleeping to save energy.
  • Extreme Temperature Automation – Have your thermostat automatically adjust its target temp if the weather becomes extremely cold outside.