Home is Where The Hearth Is

The winter season is in full swing and without warning the surrounding Green Mountain landscape may be coated with a fine white powder that may keep you and your family huddled in doors. Whatever your favorite winter time activities may be, whether it’s watching Christmas specials on the television with the kids or making delectable baked goods and sweets for your next holiday party, there’s no better way to enhance the indoor atmosphere than a warm fire that heats the home and keeps the cold at bay.

A fireplace can take a lot of work and a great deal of maintenance when it comes to keeping the flame alive. When the mercury drops and icicles hang from your home, you may not want to lumber outside for a fresh supply of firewood. Instead, you can always opt for a wood pellet heating stove or gas stove from Bourne’s Energy.

These eco-friendly appliances only require a flip of a switch to ignite a warm blaze, and pellets stoves create minimal ash, so cleaning up will not be an issue. By opting for a pellet powered unit you’ll also be supporting the hardworking folks and fellow Vermonters who manufacture the pellets just down the street at the Vermont Wood Pellet Company. So stay warm and remember, home is where the hearth is.