Hinesburg, Williston and Shelburne, here we come with Propane and Pellets

Bourne’s Energy is now delivering Propane and premium, high quality Wood Pellets (bulk and by the pallet) in the Hinesburg, Williston and Shelburne Vermont areas.  Bourne’s has been the preferred choice for locals for over 65 years and has a solid reputation for reliable fuel delivery and supporting the communities it serves.

What make’s Bourne’s a step above the rest? We don’t mess with fuel prices, we stick to industry standards and everyone wins. Why should a new customer get a better price than a loyal customer who has been with us for years and pays on time? We feel it’s simply wrong.  Bourne’s is consistent and steps up all year long making donations to local food banks and cancer networks through every gallon of fuel delivered from our dedicated Propane truck –without increasing your fuel price. Now that’s a fuel delivery that you can feel good about.

Let’s not forget Bourne’s also sells, installs and services wood pellet systems and stoves, high efficiency furnaces, boilers, water heaters and other propane driven equipment as well as offer Service Agreements that are sure to save you money when something goes wrong. The best part is a tune-up is included in the agreement.

And that’s not all, our easy online services make account management incredibly easy. With Bourne’s convenient online services you can order fuel, view and pay invoices, make account changes, and save boat loads of time and stamps. Bourne’s customers also enjoy special promotions that save money. We hope to see you as a new customer soon.

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