Bourne's Energy Auto Pay


EasyCap: A Budget Plan for Your Fuel Purchases

Smart PayThe Bourne’s Energy EasyCap program is a payment program for propane, bioheat and wood pellet customers that helps you keep your energy costs down during the coldest months of the year by spreading your energy costs into equal lower, monthly payments. With EasyCap, your anticipated fuel costs for the year will be divided over the program period, which translates to low monthly payments. This is a popular payment program and it’s free to participate in!

We use your delivery history to estimate the total number of gallons you will need for the year and use that number to calculate your monthly payment. If you use less fuel then we’ve budgeted then you simply roll over the credit to the next year to lower that payment! There is no cost to enroll in the program, and no risk!

Benefits of our EasyCap Program

  • Low monthly payments – Total expected program costs are divided into easy monthly payments.
  • Avoid the surprise of large bills – Stop worrying about paying for your entire delivery all at once.
  • Risk free – This is a capped budget plan meaning even if the price of fuel goes higher than your monthly capped payment, you benefit from the capped price. If the price of fuel is less than your capped price, you benefit from the lower retail price and the difference is credited to your account.
  • Multiple payment options – To make your payments even easier, you can choose between convenient recurring payments automatically made to your credit card each month, paying it yourself by check, or by making a credit card payment online in your free online account.

EasyCap Contract Renewals

Customers who have been on an EasyCap Plan in the past will automatically be sent a new agreement when the renewal period opens. The exception to this is if you switch fuel types you will need to re-register. Contact us Bourne’s Energy today at to join our EasyCap Program!