Have you tested your heating system yet?

  1. Give your heating system a test run to ensure it works properly
  2. Get your heating system tuned-up
  3. Check your fuel level
  4. Move obstructions away from vents
  5. Vacuum vents
  6. Add weather stripping around old doors and taping plastic shields over rattling windows.
  7. Getting your heating equipment tuned-up is a great way to save precious propane or wood pellets, but people of all ages can take a few more steps to buttress their homes against the worst winter storms. Here’s the link to Bourne’s tune-ups: http://www.bournesenergy.com/heating/tune-ups
  8. After ensuring that the furnace and boiler are running smoothly, homeowners should also check their fireplace chimneys. Even occasional users should check the damper for proper opening and closing and then ensure the rooftop vent has a screen to keep out squirrels and birds.
  9. Make sure Bourne’s is your heating fuel supplier. Here’s the application to become a customer. http://www.bournesenergy.com/resources/newcustomer
  10. Additional tips include draining the gas from lawnmowers, adding new oil to snow blowers and stocking up on ice-melt in the garage.
  11. Seal crawlspaces and foundation cracks to keep mice and skunks from crawling under the house, and clean leaves out of gutters to prevent ice dams.
  12. Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace fire extinguishers older than 10 years.
  13. More Tips