Wood Pellet Storage Bin

Wood Pellet Storage Bins

Start Saving Today With a Bulk Storage Wood Pellet System from Bourne’s Energy

Join the many households and businesses in Vermont who are already saving on their heating costs while reducing their carbon footprint and plastic waste using a bulk wood storage system. Contact Bourne’s Energy to learn how much you can save. 800-326-8763

Bourne’s Energy offers indoor and outdoor wood pellet storage systems for Vermont homes and businesses.

Never touch your pellets again with an indoor or outdoor bulk wood pellet system. Bulk wood pellets are delivered directly to your home or business by Bourne’s Energy. They’re bagless and delivered in a truck, much like you see for oil or propane. A typical home requires just three bulk wood pellet deliveries annually!

3.5 Bulk Pellet Hopper

3.5 bulk pellet hopper

2.4 Ton Bulk Pellet Bin Hopper

2.4 ton bulk pellet hopper


Bourne’s Energy is happy to provide customers a completely free residential estimate for heating or cooling equipment, and installation. Our team of estimators are fully licensed and insured and we pride ourselves on being courteous, respectful, fair and exceptionally knowledgeable about the equipment and services we deliver to Vermonters.

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