Donation and Sponsor Request

Donation & Sponsor Request

Bourne’s Energy sets aside funds each year for donations and sponsorships to support the communities we serve. We are very proud that the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have given to charitable organizations over the years has made such a large impact on our local communities. We do our best to support as many requests as possible but please note that we simply can’t fund the volume of requests we’ve received in the last few years. Our committee reviews every request on a case-by-case basis and if we are able to work with you, we will happily reply to your request via email. In an effort to best process your request, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All donation requests must be submitted using the online form below.
  • The online donation form must be filled out completely in order for your request to be considered.
  • We must receive your request at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event or deadline.
  • Please use the document upload to attach any flyers, sponsorship level options etc.


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