Want to ditch pellet bags and gain space? Go with a wood pellet storage bin.

Wood Pellet Bins vs. Bags

There are more choices out there for storing wood pellets besides the traditional environmentally unfriendly bags you see everywhere stacked on pallets with big bold marker on them saying ‘get your pellets now’- some with crafty looking flames to draw attention. These pallets are necessary to deliver and store the bagged pellet product, but take up room and each bag needs to be opened and disposed of properly as they are not recyclable. This is not for everyone. For those wanting to save a little space while getting all your pellets for the season upfront without the hassle of entering or disposing of bags, a pellet bin is perfect for storing and receiving pellets in bulk.

The standard square footprint of the storage silos are manufactured from galvanised steel and provide a robust, reliable and cost effective method of storing your wood pellets. The Square Silo modular design allows them to be delivered to site flat packed for quick and easy assembly. Capacities range from 3 – 20 ton. The bins are available in both indoor and outdoor models and the Square Silos are designed to prevent condensation and moisture ingress and maintain pellet quality over the life of its use.

If you are interested in going the pellet bin route, give us a call to discuss the best options for your home or business.

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