Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Prevention

Before pulling out that handy generator (or buying a new one), be prepared to know, follow and take seriously all rules that apply to its installation, operation and safety. Rule #1 is clear: Never run a generator indoors, in a garage or under a porch, as the exhaust of Carbon Monoxide (CO) can create a deadly poison. Safely place the generator and its fumes away from the home to avoid (CO) exhaust leaking into the home.

Since Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas it is very deadly because most people do not realize they are being poisoned. With every breath taken, they and their pets, unknowingly inhale the poisonous gas, some, unfortunately to the point of demise. The most obvious solution is to know what you are doing while running a generator and most definitely have a (CO) detector. If you own a generator and don’t already have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed in your home, you need to get one today. They can be picked up for around $30 and it’s easy to set-up, there is virtually no reason to procrastinate or put your family at risk any longer. Carbon Monoxide is a serious matter and has proven to be a single-handed killer with heart-breaking facts backing this statement up.

Don’t be a heart-breaking fact because you were unaware how to use your generator properly. Get your operators manual out today and follow it to the “T”. Learn more about (CO) and get those detectors installed now before you need to use the generator. Lastly, CO is not only confined to generators, it’s found in fumes produced by stoves, lanterns, and gas ranges, or by burning charcoal and wood. Learn more about Carbon Monoxide and how to recognize it and prevent poisoning.