Property Managers, Real Estate and Neighborhood Associations

Property Managers, Real Estate, and Neighborhood Associations

Our goal is to be a resource to assist Property Management Professionals, Real Estate Investors, and Condominium and Neighborhoods Associations in providing the highest level of customer service to their clients and residents. Our products and services include:

  • Home energy monitoring package that can give you a competitive edge in meeting your client’s needs.
  • Our tank monitoring system that allows us to review your client’s energy storage capacity in real time and ensures protection against run outs.
  • Advancements in Wifi enabled technology allows you to monitor temperatures as well as the performance of energy equipment. Our system gives you a comprehensive view of the internal workings of the home from anywhere at any time.
  • 24/7 response to any energy related emergency before you or your clients even realize there is a problem. Your days of trying to coordinate service providers, after hours dispatch issues, run outs, and frozen houses are all a distant memory.
  • Added value to your clients that will enhance your professional image.
  • Our products and services save you time and energy, allowing you to put that into other projects or expand your client base without adding the expense associated with additional support staff and infrastructure.
  • Increase level of trust with your clients while providing peace of mind.
  • All services provided at no cost to you.

The support provided by our home energy monitoring package can give you and your clients the peace of mind that one of their most important investments is being protected. Becoming a Preferred Partner with Bourne’s Energy and gaining access to our home energy monitoring package, you have the substantial resources of Bourne’s Energy at your fingertips. A strategic partnership that will pay dividends immediately in how your business is perceived in the eyes of current clients as well as potential new business. We work closely with some of the largest property managers and real estate investors in the state and we also offer a variety of preferred pricing options for the service and installation of accounts with multiple meter and tank locations.

Contact us today at 800-326-8763 or via the form below to find out how you can take advantage of Bourne’s Energy’s home monitoring package and the rest of our products and services designed to meet all your energy related needs.