Bourne's Energy fuel hedging

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Fuel Hedging & Fuel Risk Management

Bourne’s Energy utilizes Fuel hedging or Fuel Risk Management to reduce or eliminate our customers’ exposure to fluctuating fuel costs. It is a contractual tool allowing a company to fix or cap a fuel price at a certain level for a specific period of time.

If your company is tired of being exposed to energy price fluctuations, fuel hedging from Bourne’s Energy is a tool that can help manage your risk by locking in a fuel price cap to give you peace of mind and security. Here’s what we know:

  • Energy prices fluctuate – the commodity markets are extremely volatile
  • Energy expenses represent a large fraction of most company’s operational costs
    Insurance against price fluctuations is a valuable asset
  • Our pro-active strategy offers budget protection
  • Our Strategic Commercial Services clients get personal consultations with customized action plans tailored to your specific business needs.

Become a Bourne’s Energy customer under our fuel hedging and fuel risk management program and let us help you secure a predictable, capped fuel budget for your company today.