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Bulk and Bagged Wood Pellets

Bourne’s Energy is proud to offer one-stop shopping for all of your bulk and bagged wood pellets needs throughout Vermont. Our all-natural, renewable pellets are sourced from the Northeast. We proudly carry LG Granules, Vermont Wood Pellets, Curran Blend and Curran Hardwood pellets. Bagged pellets can be delivered or picked up at our Barre, VT facility and are available by the ton, half-ton, or individual bags.

LGGranules wood pellets

LG Granules

Vermont Wood Pellet

Curran Blend

Curran hardwood pellets

Curran Hardwood

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Benefits of bulk pellet delivery from Bourne’s Energy

  • Less waste and less space. Eliminate the pallets and plastic bags that come with bagged pallets and the space they take up on your property.
  • More convenient delivery. Pellets are delivered in a fuel truck just like oil or propane would be and blown right into the storage solution you choose. You don’t need to be home for delivery.
  • Safety! Don’t worry about having to pick up, carry, haul up or down stairs, open, and empty 40lb bags of pellets on a regular basis.
  • Dedicated location for storage. Pellets are blown into a dedicated bulk pellet storage container that we help you locate and set up. Don’t worry about finding a place for bagged pellets.
  • Less dust. Bulk pellets create less dust with a complete end-to-end storage and transfer system.

Get Your Bulk and Bagged Wood Pellets from Bourne's Energy

Bourne’s Energy Sells Pellet Equipment For Homes and Businesses in Vermont

Bulk Pellet Storage

Join the many households and businesses in Vermont who are already saving on their heating costs while reducing their carbon footprint and plastic waste using a bulk wood storage system.

Bourne’s Energy offers indoor and outdoor wood pellet storage systems for Vermont homes and businesses.

Never touch your pellets again with an indoor or outdoor bulk wood pellet system. Bulk wood pellets are delivered directly to your home or business by Bourne’s Energy. They’re bagless and delivered in a truck, much like you see for oil or propane. A typical home requires just three bulk wood pellet deliveries annually!

Bulk pellet bin

Pellet Equipment

Bourne’s Energy also sells, installs and services pellet boilers and furnaces. The MESys AutoPellets are fully-automated standalone systems designed to meet the demands of households, businesses, municipal buildings and institutions.

Find out more about our Equipment

Order your bulk or bagged wood pellets from Bourne’s Energy today or contact us to discuss your pellet equipment project.


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