Bourne’s Energy Installs the First Daikin ATMOSPHERA Heat Pump with R-32 Refrigerant in the State of Vermont

We’re pleased to announce that Bourne’s Energy and ABCO have installed the first Daikin ATMOSPHERA heat pump with R-32 refrigerant in the state of Vermont. Bourne’s Energy President Levi Bourne had this to say about the project: “Vermonters have embraced heat pump technology as a viable, environmentally friendlier option for heating and cooling their homes and the ATMOSPHERA with R-32 simply provides greater benefits on an already good investment. Bourne’s Energy and our sister company Jacks HVAC install a lot of heat pumps in Vermont and we look forward to much success with the Daikin ATMOSPHERA with R-32.”

First Daikin ATMOSHERA with R-32 installed in Vermont by Bourne's Energy











Bourne’s Energy was thrilled to be selected to install the first Daikin ATMOSPHERA with R-32 refrigerant in the state of Vermont. As we celebrate our 75th anniversary this year Bourne’s Energy continues to focus on ways in which we can help our customers and communities reduce their carbon footprint by making smart choices with their fuel and equipment purchases. The Daikin ATMOSPHERA is a more efficient system and more importantly, it’s up to 14% more efficient in harsh conditions which is an important differentiator with our tough Vermont winters. The ATMOSPHERA with R-32 refrigerant also offers approximately a 10% reduction in electricity consumption and has a global warming potential (GWP)

that is one-third lower than other refrigerants. These features make the ATMOSPHERA with R-32 refrigerant an exciting offering for Bourne’s Energy customers. We’re pleased to bring the Daikin ATMOSPHERA to many homes and businesses here in Vermont as we continue to lead the way in offering environmentally friendlier heating fuels and high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that fuel the future for Vermonters. For information about installing a heat pump in your home or business call 800-326-8763 or fill out our online form on our heat pump page.