Bourne’s Energy Advises a Calm Approach To Energy Markets

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the recent developments in Ukraine and how that crisis may impact the energy markets. We want to reassure our customers that Bourne’s Energy has taken the necessary steps to ensure that we have adequate supply of all our products. We have everything we need to keep you warm and safe throughout the remaining months of winter.

We are certain that there will be price volatility in the coming weeks as the World works to resolve the crisis. This year’s CAP Price and Fixed Price Programs will not be impacted by this price volatility. The price protections offered by these programs will continue to provide considerable savings to our customers who are already enrolled in those programs.

As a reminder, Bourne’s Energy also sells a lot of wood pellets. Wood pellets that are less susceptible to price volatility and would not be impacted by this crisis. If you have interest in offsetting your liquid fuel usage with wood pellets, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance. You can also review the equipment we offer here.

We will continue to work hard to make sure your energy needs are secure.

Thank you for choosing Bourne‘s Energy.